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3 easy ways to boost sales on your new e-commerce site.

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

So you worked really hard getting your fashion brand of your dreams created and now it's time to sell! What most brand founders and designers don't realize is that your website not only has to be visually brand right but it's the most important selling tool. Your website has to be highly functional and optimized for sales conversion. So what does that mean? In this article I will share proven tactics used by big brands you can easily adopt immediately to help boost your sales on line.

Big brands has a huge team of digital teams that analyze and design features that will enhance the customer experience along with having the right information and features that will convert your customer visiting to click the buy button.

For new brands starting out you don't have the time or the resources to dedicate a team to do this. So before you work on building your commerce site on Shopify, Wix or Squarespace you need to know those key optimizing features to get your website working for you.

First, your image is your most important asset to sell your product. Make sure you have high resolution images of the product and each image clearly shows the details and features you worked so hard in creating. Remember, your image has to sell for you. Always think from the customers perspective when you are adding products. They are seeing your image for the first time in a digital world. They don't have the sense of feel and touch. Think about what information the customer needs to understand your product better to get them excited and make a purchasing decision. Detailed photos, zoom features along with videos showing how it fits a person is a key factor for getting customer buy in.

Second, FIT is everything. The number one reason people return clothing items is because they do not fit the customer. This is a huge drain on resources for a small brand. You can minimize returns by creating a size chart for the customers to see how it would fit their body type. In addition, there are many technology tools that can now be integrated to your website to support customers find their size. Please take a look at these options.,, along with

The final key tactic you can apply to your commerce site to boost sales conversion is add customer reviews of your products. This feature helps new customers understand your product by hearing directly from other customers feedback. If they see a positive review, it enforces their confidence to make a purchase. A great example of this feature is from Rent the Runway. They feature real customers feedback along with their photos validating how they love the product. Check out their website to see how it helps customers see real people similar to their body types to help make the purchasing decision.

In conclusion, these tactics are simple ways that are proven you can apply now. To ensure sales conversion for a long term strategy requires a more in depth analysis called a brand audit. To learn more and discuss how you can create winning strategies for your brand please reach out to Judy Kim to schedule a complimentary discovery call.

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