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Founder Judy Kim comes from a family of artists, tailors and manufacturers. She discovered her own love for creating design at a very early age and cultivated her skills alongside experts in the field. Kim now brings 20 years experience as a multi-disciplinary fashion design executive and a proven track record of growing  Fortune 500 retail brands. She is recognized among her peers as a creative leader with a business savvy mind. 


In January 2018, Kim established Hada as an independent consultancy to expertly advise fashion business founders on how to turn their design visions into commercial success. Since then, she has played a critical role navigating the complex industry in order to drive success for several fashion start-ups from SF to NY. Today, as the leader of The Hada Collective, Judy has brought together highly accomplished women industry experts to offer the first of it's kind - a hybrid agency offering both creative and business services.

Our Story
Judy Kim, Fashion Designer

[ "HADA" means "to make" in the Korean language ]